Outstanding Reviewer Awards 2019.
Bestowed by the journal Big Data and Cognitive Computing (BDCC) due to his effort that the high quality of the journal and quick turnaround is maintained.


JSAN Travel Award 2018.
Bestowed by the Journal of Sensors and Actuator Networks (JSAN) for disseminating his research related to the mitigation of Economic Denial of Sustainability (EDoS) attacks on 5G environments.


Couch of the project “DroidSentinel: ¿are my Android devides being part of a coordinated attack?” in the hackaton held under Cybercamp 2017. The developer team return0 was componsed of the following students of the Complutense University of Madrid: Andrés Herranz González, Guillermo Rius García, Diego Maestre Vidal and Borja Lorenzo Fernández. The project was awarded with rank third, and the competition was held by Cybercamp 2017 in Santander, Spain. Source code Available at:


Best regular research paper in JNIC 2015.
I Jornadas Nacionales de Investigación en Ciberseguridad (JNIC), León, Spain. Title: “Sistema Inmunitario Adaptativo para la mitigación de ataques de Denegación de Servicio”.